For many, last year was been the worst year of their life, as the whole world was under a complete lockdown for quite a few months. Everything was new. The situation; the virus and the fear of not getting oneself infected from it. So many precautions were taken by each and every individual just to be safe and not be infected. Schools were closed; offices were shut; many people lost their jobs for good. Many had very little means of income that added to difficulties in survival. We were scared to meet people, we were scared to visit anyone.  And the worst was if any of our relatives had got infected we couldn’t help them and visit them. Many of us have even lost our beloved ones to Corona.

On such a frightening day, like others, even I was in fear. Fear of getting infected; fear of getting any of my family members infected by the virus. Men of my family were so worried about their work being halted suddenly and children of my family were juggling with their new way of learning – online classes. No maids to help in daily household chores.  This was the condition of almost all house at that time. Everyone was learning so many things that were happening for the very first time in their life. Like so many others, even I had to start my work from home. It was a hectic schedule.  Had difficulties initially maintaining everything. Household chores, cooking, helping children with their online classes and my work from home.  Along with almost all human beings on this Earth, even I cursed the current situation and was prayed for fast normalcy.

After 2 months of lockdown, one fine day my friend called me up and informed me she was not keeping well. The symptoms she said gave me a stomach cramp. She is aware that she had all the symptoms of the virus but very scared to see a doctor and get tested for the virus. She was my colleague.  We both started working in the same firm on the same day. It’s been 5 years now;  we are like family.  She lives in the city all by herself. She’s not married and her parents live in her native. On the day when she called she informed me it’s been 2 days she was having health conditions and she couldn’t cook anything by herself and no maid to help her as well. It broke my heart, my dear friend hadn’t eaten anything for 2 days. I told her I will be coming to her place with food for her. And will also take her to the doctor for further examination.  First, she said no; but I was very reluctant and told her I was coming and if required will stay with her for a few days.

My family is very understanding they immediately asked me to go and be with her. My sister in law, who was staying with me at that time, assured me that she will manage home chores and will take care of everything and I should go take care of my friend.  She supported me as always as she does. As my friend was all alone I wanted to be with her at that difficult time of hers. Within a few minutes, I reached her home. I was wearing gloves. She looked pale and weak. I Made her eat a little and took a doctor appointment. In the evening we visited the doctor and as expected she was asked to take the test for the virus. Took her for a test and returned home. Gave her medicines and she was resting. 

The next day evening we received a call from the testing centre informing us that my friend had tested positive for the virus. “Oh God!”; was our both reactions. It was very stressed since the time we went for the test and now my fear had come true. I was informed that now as she had tested positive so I should also undergo a test since I was staying with her. I got so scared. I was just recollecting things that I did since the time I had entered her home. Whatever I was thinking was not going to help me to escape the test, so the next day I took up the test. That day was a nightmare as I was scared to death.

In fear of the result, I couldn’t sit for a while. I had informed my family so they all were worried. Every minute was like a year spent on that day. In the evening I was expecting a call but I didn’t receive any call or message the whole night.  I was frightened and felt anxiety at the same time. Was awake for the whole night waiting for the call. Around 11 AM, I received a message saying I was negative. AH! What a relief it was. But I was feeling bad for my friend.  She asked me to leave her at the hospital and return home. But I decided to stay with her and took care of her food and medicine.  She had quarantined herself. After 15 days the second test was done and she was negative.  I stayed with her for 3 more days and returned home. 

During these 30 days, I couldn’t see or meet my family.  I cannot express in words how I felt. Each and every day was so difficult. I encountered my fear. Now when I think of those days, I still don’t know how I should react.

Penned by :
Sejal Davey 
Special educator; 
Child and Career counsellor; 
Parenting coach.

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