Just Eat Right


Fuel it Right -To keep your – Engine Safe

An asian woman wearing a white tank top. hold the baby corn with your right hand. and on the table there are many different fruits.

One of the most needed & wanted requisites for all of us to survive in this world is……..? Yes! you guessed it Right. It is FOOD!

I just want to add some flavour to this term “Fuel to Our Own Digestive System “ – FOOD.

There are different categories of people, where we can consider them as different consumers.

Let me categorize it:

For some of us, Food is the Focal part of Life – we really love to relish ourselves.

For others it’s copious – We want to make a decision when to eat & what to eat.

For many individuals in the world it’s like – Fight Tooth & Nail to get a meal for a day.

Hope we are blessed to be in the category where we used to get Food for all the 365 days.

This is something that makes me pen down this article to arise the question – Are we doing our responsibility right? (The responsibility is the ‘intake of food at right time’).

  • Most of us will skip a meal or has a habit of eating Brunch.
  • Eating Right Food & Eating Food Right – Both gives has an entirely different meaning.

By interchanging the words in the second statement relates to a different context.

Let me tell you the universal truth – Utmost prime Responsibility of SELF is to provide the Food to ourselves – Not just for living, but to keep us away from the Physical & Mental Illness.

Most of us while reading this article comes to the consequences of not Eating Food Right. It reflects mostly in our Emotions.

– Triggers our Anger
– Leads to Frustration
– Unnecessary usage of words.
– Confusion may occur & whatnot.

If to confess about what happens physically is just countless, it really takes 2 -3 pages to list down the key points. Looks so weird right, why we are not meeting a normal routine? But sure I can give you the positive side of Eating Food Right.

  1. Love to maintain your Weight?
  2. Want to have a glowing skin?
  3. Wanna be a Good decision Maker?
  4. Want to Feelgood inside?
  5. Making a lengthy wish list for the upcoming year?
  6. Need to take care of your dependents?
  7. Love to go to places?
  8. Don’t want to knock the clinic door?
  9. Love to see yourself as yourself?
  10. Wish to share some good messages around you?

If your answers were YES for all the 10 questions-One SMALL SIMPLE SOLUTION
“Just Eat Right”

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