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There are days when even a beautiful sunny day seems dull and grey, words seem hurtful even when they are not, and life seems meaningless. You start questioning the very purpose of your existence and start thinking whether your absence will have any effect at all on the people around you.

A brain that is in such a state will strongly respond in the negative, only to add to the low feeling and pull you further down in the dark hole that you are in. One dark thought leads to another, and these thoughts multiply, magnify themselves, and play and replay in your mind.

You think you are a waste, life is a waste and therefore suicide seems like the best course of action: the solution to every misery and problem in your life.

This is the most paralysing and difficult situation one can be in but remember one thing: every maize however long or complicated it does have an exit door, even if you can’t see it.

If you sit and think back about the times when you felt suicidal, you will notice that it is almost always a similar chain of spiralling thoughts that take you towards the dark zone of wishing suicide. There might be a trigger incident that starts this process for some and there might not be any for others, but the brain runs almost like a computer program moving seamlessly and automatically from one stage to the other towards that end thought.

Paying attention to your thoughts and recognising this chain when it is playing in your mind will help a great deal in managing and controlling your thoughts. Thinking about your mom or any other loved one, just listening to their voice, thinking about your happy times with them in the past will create an emotional outburst and divert your mind away from that thought. At a time when no motivational line seems real, only the emotion “love” can fight all other negative emotions and be your saviour.

Even if you feel lonely and alone, even if you don’t feel loved, the above techniques will at the least stop you momentarily from taking the extreme step. Life is a journey of different seasons and all of us need to cross the gloom of winter in order to see the beautiful blooms of spring. You might feel that your life’s winter is harsh and long, but don’t give up. Nature is fare and your spring too will be likewise.

Your life is precious and your body itself is an illustration of this. The human body contains 37.2 trillion cells and 7 trillion nerves, can we do without one less cell or nerve? Serotonin is said to regulate our mood, is responsible for our happiness, but do you know that your body only needs about 0.1 to 0.2 micrograms of this hormone to keep you happy.

Just to let you know, 1,00,00,00,000 micrograms equal 1 kg. Isn’t it remarkable to see how much impact such a small thing can have on us? So don’t let this Demon that is fogging your mind and ruling your thoughts win this battle. Stay positive, practise meditation and try to focus your attention on what you have rather than what you don’t.

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