Basic Grammar Rules in English – Verb Types


English Grammar A To Z: The Types of Verbs

In our last article, we learnt about all types of Nouns and the definition of a verb and how to identify one in a Sentence. For today’s article, we’ll be learning about types of Verbs and how each is different from the other.

Types of Verbs

Like Nouns, the verbs are also of 8 types in total. The four we’ll be learning today are as follows – Action Verbs, Transitive Verbs, Intransitive Verbs and Auxiliary Verbs.

Action Verbs (வினைச்சொற்கள்) – refers to verbs that express actions both physical and mental. It’s mainly in reference to what the Subject in a Sentence is doing.

E.g.     Raashi runs faster than Nitya.

He thinks about poetry all day long.

She does it well.

Transitive Verbs (செயப்படு பொருள் குன்றா வினை) – refers to action verbs that always expresses doable activities in reference to something or someone. In a Sentence, these verbs come in relation, what’s happening to the Object.

E.g.      I love English.

Mara’s parents believed in her.

He ate all the biscuits.

Intransitive Verbs (செயப்படு பொருள் குன்றிய வினை) – refers to those action verbs that express doable activities with no reference to Object. Here, whatever is happening doesn’t affect the Object of that sentence.

E.g.      Leila walks every morning.

Kader travelled to Mumbai.

We arrived with moments to spare.

Note: Some verbs can be both transitive and intransitive. It depends on each sentence.

Auxiliary Verbs (துணை வினைச்சொல்)– refers to helping verbs which are used in combination with the main verbs usually to show the tense, or form a question or negative.

E.g.     I will go home after Karate practice.

Devi might win the contest.

Analysts haven’t considered the magnitude of the issue.


Identify the verb and find the Type of Verb in the following sentences:

  1. William has spoken his final words.
  2. Gupta played around the garden.
  3. Sweta baked her mother a cake.
  4. Fatima stood during the entire break.
  5. We did consider all possibilities.

Answers to Previous:


The verb in the Sentence Type of Noun


sells Compound Noun


felt Uncountable Noun
3. grasped

Countable Noun



Compound Noun



Abstract Noun

We’ll learn more about types of verbs in the next article along with the answers for today’s practice questions.

Until then,

Aishwarya K