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I was inspired by the say “Sankalp Se Shristi” in the language of Sanskrit, means “Our Thoughts creates our World”.

Also quoted out by famous Philosopher, Spiritual Teacher, Religious Leader who lived in our country

“We are what we think

All that are arises with our thoughts

With our thoughts, we make our World”

-–Gautama Buddha

Just examine yourself and watch what flows in your mind.

Am not feeling perfect and Healthy. Hope you may not feel that good. Instead, just say,

“My body is perfect and Healthy and will always be “

Just see the shift in your mind-As per the quote = “Positivity breeds positivity “

With our thoughts, we make our world.

Sometimes we have to look deep within our self to get & find something amazing. To understand this more in a clear way. Let me bring the link between T, F & B

T-Thoughts F-Feelings B-Behavior.

While thoughts were drawn out by life experiences, Education, & what inherited by our parents and ancestors. It is what paved the way to our feelings.

Filter out all the Thoughts which comes to our mind, lets all the unwanted thoughts settle down –Now essence gets remains-Rejuvenate yourself by every sip that flows inside you.

Treat yourself with maximum positive thoughts .you may come to know that’s going to be the best gift that you can give it for yourself.

Girl with a bouquet of lupine on the field

If your mind is flourished with a bloom of good thoughts in turn your feelings will be Miraculous & Staggering.

Feelings are important indicators for what’s happening in life, that completely drive out from our own thoughts.

So thoughts are just like Seeds,

In the mind of the garden,

Our thoughts are the seeds,

It’s obvious,

The outcome solely depends on what seed that we sow to get a bunch of Beautiful & Blossom Flowers.

We have to take ownership of our feelings. If not we are consciously allowing our feeling to influence our decisions.

Feelings play a compelling role in determining our Behaviour.

It’s our feelings that stimulate us to feel sad or happy-Probably yes that’s our Emotion. To enliven with your Emotion it’s our onus of responsibility to track our T F & B

Thoughts- Seed it Feelings-Water it Behavior- Smell it.

Think Good, Feel Good and you know what the Result is

Meet you soon

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Sriram Bhaskaran

The way of explanation and the way the message is rendered and the examples quoted are fantastic Ishwarya. Great one and good going.

Uday mahesh

Well said..one should learn to boss your emotions…if you exercise to control your feelings…you can see that have a very positive impact over your relationship and personal behaviour…. keep the good work iswarya..


Thank you for your comments


Seeds may alive ever so th earth is wet or not it might be wait ever once it may break the earth and will come as big tree may give shelter can be sain thoughts to stimulate
Y r right


Thank you for your comments

Kaliappan Perumal



Thank you for your comments