Cute handmade Knitty Knotty gifts by Archana Karthikeyan


Archana Karthikeyan, Momtrepreneur, Founder of innovative Knitty Knotty Gifts venture. She welcomed our Yuvathi Team with a broad smile. Knitty Knotty Gifts is the fastest growing eco-friendly venture producing cute, beautiful, unique handwoven dolls with love and care. She is an inspiration, a simple woman with tons of drive and motivation to be the change.

So, what is the motivation behind “Knitty Knotty Gifts”?

“We Officially began in 2020 in February. However,  due to lockdown, we are just becoming active now. Frequent visits to malls made me realize how much plastics are in production to produce kids toys and a mother I came to the realization that this not only polluting the environment but also toxic to the kid’s health.
As most of the toys are made of plastics and of one-time use, we only adding up to the plastic pile of already polluted earth. Then it hit me to venture Knitty Knotty Gifts, to create kids friendly, plastic-free and environmentally beneficial dolls.

Why chose Handmade, as it more time consuming, labour intensive and needs utmost care?

Yes, it is sure of labour intensive and needs more care in keeping up with our quality. Every other toy available in the market was are either plastic or machine-made. But the reality is, a lot of people here are talented and can do various cute things artistically.

Especially our house-wives, they have immense talent but all capped inside the home. Art should always be nurtured. And we want our products to be filled with care and love as kids are our ultimate users.

During this lockdown, when everyone is struggling to meet the daily needs, I thought to do something to women out there, by giving an opportunity to support the family financially while exploring their talent. This is where I wanted to start a venture to help various artists showcase their talent also to empower fellow women.

What do you make in Knitty Knotty gifts?

We at Knitty Knotty gifts make beautiful handmade character dolls that kids love. We are first to make many unique handmade dolls, and we keep adding more to that list. Next very special one will be for Rakhi which we will launch soon. We also provide art installation services.

Another base inspiration for our venture is, to make favourite dolls available to anyone using creative ways. We are now able to replicate almost any image. With this, we have been able to make character dolls that kids long for.  Creativity is the one you could expect from Knitty Knotty gifts.

What is the vision that drives you?

Over time, We would want everyone to understand how safe these handmade dolls are, and we can slowly reduce the usage of plastic to lead a more sustainable life. We would be trying various kinds of toys to keep kids engaged, ensuring they all are handmade.

Meanwhile, during the lockdown, we took up to helping underprivileged single mothers. Their life was miserable as is, and this lockdown had severe impacts on them. So we started training them slowly and started making masks. They can now make cloth bags, dresses for babies, pouches etc. We are slowly hoping to help many such mothers, train them and lead an independent life.

It is really inspiring to create a product that benefits end users, our environment doing all this while empowering and uplifting fellow women.

We wish Archana and her team, best wishes for her creative venture. Please do support her. For more cute dolls visit Contact: 7019376064

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