How Chakra Meditation helps to have a stress free life?


What is Chakra?

Different colorful body chakras collection

    The word Chakra means spinning wheel in Sanskrit. According to Yoga tradition, there are seven Chakras in the human body which is also called a magnetic field into us. Our entire body consists of bones, muscles, nerves and covered by skin. Chakra is like the junction point of our body where the life force energy connects through the Nadis. The six Chakras are presents into our body on a fine line and the seventh Chakra is present above the head which connects the universe. Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy in the subtle body that corresponds to various glands along the spine and inside the skull.

         Each Chakra governs specific behaviours into us. When the energy becomes blocked in Chakra, then it brings out physical and mental issues that lead to stress, anxiety, indigestion, laziness. A proper Yoga practice under a well trained experienced trainer is most advisable to enhance our vital energy.

Body chakras set

The Seven Chakras:

  1. Muladhara
  2. Svadhisthana
  3. Manipura
  4. Anahatha
  5. Visshudha
  6. Agna or Ajna
  7. Sahasrara


Muladhara chakra with mandala. root chakra.

   Muladhara is otherwise called as root Chakra (earth element) which present at the base of the spine. It governs the skeleton system and lower digestion system. It holds the latent potential (Kundalini Shakthi).  Chakra refers to red colour.  The aspects of this Chakra are security, physical awareness, self-protection, the focus of survival and inner feelings. When this Chakra is in balance we can feel very strong and confident by nature.

  1. Practising the Vrikshasana(Tree Pose) helps to connect your nadis with this Chakra point to activate. It improves body balance and concentration along with the benefits of Mooladhara.



     This Chakra governs the reproductive system, water element, urinary system, sexual organs and fertility. If it is not under control we may feel emotionally unstable, negativity, guilty, depression. After regular Yoga practises, we can improve our creativity, positivity, strong family attachments. Daily 10 – 15 squats helps to regulate this Chakra. Orange colour refers to this Chakra

Note: The same benefits we can find in Bharatanatyam Aramandi and Muzhumandi poses.


Manipura chakra with mandala. solar plexus chakra.

     This Chakra present on solar plexus and navel part so it is also called as navel Chakra. The colour of this Chakra is yellow. Fire element activates this Chakra and it governs the digestive system so it acts as the powerhouse of the body and produces self-esteem, determination, self-control. Navasana (Boat Pose) helps to tap this Chakra.


Anahata chakra with mandala. heart chakra.

     Anahata Chakra is referred to the colour of Green and it also called as Heart Chakra. This Chakra is associated with your hearts and feelings. It helps to improve forgiving attitude and it heals heartbreaks and past wounds. It refreshes your mind and comforts yourself. That’s why this Chakra related to the air element. Ustrasana(Camel Pose) regulates this Chakra.

Vishuddhi or Vishuddha:

Vishuddha chakra with mandala. throat chakra.

    Vishuddhi Chakra governs the voice and speech control. The colour of vishuddhi is blue and the element is ether (Akash). We can do chanting to improve the power of this Chakra. Sarvangasana helps to heal this Chakra.

Ajna or Agna:

Ajna chakra with mandala. third eye chakra.

       This Chakra is also called third eye Chakra which is presented in between the eyebrows. Light element and indigo colour refers to this Chakra. It governs decision making and connected to pituitary glands. Nadi Sodhana Pranayama helps to activate this Chakra.


Sahasrara chakra with mandala. crown chakra.

    The crown Chakra which presents above the head and the colour is white or violet which deals with cosmic energy. It is a spiritual Chakra which helps to realise the truth of life and soul. It activates a clear vision of life and creates happiness.

The mediation from Mooladhara to Sahasrara Chakra will connect our mind and body to eternal.

Vidyalakshmi Vidyanath