Anger FRAGILE Handle with CARE – Raudra (Powerful, if we used it Right)


Portrait of young asian lady with negative expression, excited screaming, crying emotional angry in casual clothing and looking at the camera over yellow wall. facial expression concept.

For every single minute of Anger, We are losing 60 seconds of Happiness.

Of all the emotions we know one among them is compared with acid – yes you guessed it

Its anger (Raudra).I want to quote a famous say to know the intense meaning of this


Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on
which it is poured.
-Mark Twain

Anger – Certainly yes it’s contagious …It makes a shift and shaky experience for
a person who is present in the atmosphere.

I think we can easily acquire this emotion but on a cautious note we have to hold sway over

Laptop office people work angry

“If a sun arises it’s a sign of new Beginning. But Anger arises to think about the consequences”
We may feel to react if we experience

*Feeling sick,
*Not Getting what we want,
*Unable to express our feelings,
*If our boundaries have been invaded,
*Losing our value in Relationship and many more.

It variates from a person but results are the (D)Anger.

We may Express anger at different situations but hope you agree the result is
always unpleasant.

We certainly know the results of Anger, still what we mature adults forget to do is how to
keep it in a limit.

As Mahakavi Bharathiyar told “ Rowdram Palagu” – How to control our anger.
On the other side Anger at times push you to create positive Outcomes where we can
produce many optimistic results.

Headshot of frustrated female 30s screaming grabbing her head. perplexed businesswoman being in shock shouting in despair having problem with work. emotions concept

It helps us to know the Real Potential which lies inside us. So, don’t feel bad about this
Emotion, as like a coin it has two sides, it does Good as well as bad, Toss on to the Positive
side if you feel bad about it.

Well there are a lot of possible ways to control our anger but there is a simple solution
And it is Omnipresence.

You got it – Water – A refreshing and its plain sailing. It do wonders to our Body, It makes
us to Feel cool, Relax and makes to take Right Decision ( Before making any impulse
The decision when you are Angry -Have a sip of water).

Let me introduce the ABC model to keep down this emotion in the track.
As it’s based on the principle of car-Its ABC.

When it Accelerates-Admit it -Simple yet complex is not to justify our anger.

When Anger is on the peak and when it oozes out from us take a Break as we press the Brake
in the car to get out down or to make the car Prevent the car from an accident.

ClutchControl (as we know it steadily maintains the speed)…Just Monitor your clutch
to control anger.

ADMIT it -take a BREAK-CONTROLit. to have a safe Journey …

Life is a Beautiful Journey .. Let’s Enjoy the Ride
Meet you in the next Journey …

Independent Consultant,
NLP Practitioner.
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Thank you …


Very true.. worthy and valuable points to everyone.. ishu you are always rocking.. keep on going