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Step by Step INDIAN BRIDAL MAKEUP, To look flawless on your special day!!

Wedding Day is a day that is very special & most dreamed of since a woman’s childhood. Every woman plans for her wedding for years after years and eagerly waits for it. Finally, when the day comes the woman feels excitement & nervousness, happiness & sadness together surrounded her mind. There are so many things to execute that day among which the bridal makeup is very important for the bride. I am here today to give you a path on how to do a perfect bridal makeup yourself or to others.
First of all, you have to prepare your skin well for the wedding day from a few days ago.
Apply face pack, scrubber, a face mask to have your skin clear. But don’t experiment with products in those days as it may result in many unexpected issues. Use those products which you use for a long time & which suits your skin. Have facial only if you are habituated.
                                                  Now Come to the Wedding Day…….
Step 1: Clean your face & neck with a cleanser or a makeup remover, then wash your face with chilled water & pat dry. Then apply a light moisturizer.
Step 2: Now apply a thin layer of primer. Primer evens your skin tone, smoothens it & makes the makeup last long.
Step 3: Now apply a creamy concealer on the under-eye area to cover dark circles & to prepare the makeup base around the eyes. You can use concealer to cover anything; like dark circles, blemishes, pimples, tattoos, dark spots.
Step 4: Now it’s the time to prepare the makeup base. Use an SPF free waterproof & sweatproof easily blendable foundation. If the foundation has SPF then your skin will reflect light in the photos & that will not look good. I prefer to use a mousse foundation. Blend it well with a blender pad or with your fingertips. Cover your face, neck & jawline nicely. If you don’t cover your neck it will result in looking you like a clown.
Step 5: Next use compact powder to help the foundation set properly. Apply the powder with a fluffy blush brush to have full coverage & least heaviness
Step 6: Now apply highlighter on the middle of your forehead, upper portion of your nose, under-eye area, jawline & under your lips. Then use a bronzer for contouring on the left areas.
Step 7: Now comes to blush. Choose blush as per your skin tone & how deep you want your lip colour. Please don’t go to the dark eyes, dark blush, dark lips combination. It’ll look like a doll. I’ll suggest a light dusty blush to highlight your cheekbones.
Step 8: Now comes the most important eye makeup. Choose an eye shadow that matches your dress colour or a golden & smokey black combination suits any of the colours. Apply the golden colour first with a good quality shadow brush. Start from the inside of the eye (nose side) & move toward the outside. Then apply another coat of the same shade from the middle of eyelid towards the corner & blend well.
Now drag a line with black colour eyeliner from the outer corner of the line upwards to the lid wingedly and blend it well with the golden colour to make a smoky effect. Put the colours which you selected in the place of golden & black colours.
Step 9: Now apply a waterproof kajal on the waterline. Don’t make the line very thick.
Step 10: Now apply eyeliner with a thinner line from the inner corner of eyes towards the outer corner with a thicker line & connect it with the line of the black shadow.
Step 11: Now apply a volumizing and curling mascara which gives your eyelashes longer & thicker look. You can also use eyelash curler & false eyelashes to have a glam look. Apply mascara gently on lower lashes also.
Step 12:  Use an eyebrow pencil to have your eyebrows well-shaped. But don’t make it so much dark, it’ll look false.
Step 13: Now time to have the lips done. At first, apply a thin layer of foundation on the lips as it’ll hold the colour for long. Then apply lip liner of the same shade of your chosen lipstick to shape your lips up. Then fill in the lips stick shade of your choice & wait for it to be set. Then apply another coat of it & now you’ll have the perfect colour which will last long. You can also dab some foundation to the middle of your lower lip to have a fuller shape. Use lighter shade if you have big lips & dark shade if you have thin lips.
Apply Red Lipstick for Bride to make it more vibrant

Tips by
kalpana hiran(fashion and bridal makeup artist)
For more queries please dm in my insta page 

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