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Why do Recruiters call a candidate?
A Recruiter is a person who helps a candidate to find the right job, with a suitable position of the skills you work in.
There are lots of candidates out there who seek for a suitable job, position, with a good package or to get a job which satisfies them even if they’re not paid as expected.
This is where a Recruiter tries to connect with the candidates if a candidate would like to switch to a different company with a better package & profile in a company. To give you a better opportunity to develop your skills & make your career grow well in a firm.
On what basis a Recruiter calls a candidate?
A Recruiter usually gets a requirement from the Business team to fill the positions in the company. According to the requirement he/she calls to check if the candidate is looking out for a job.
Why candidates seek for a job?
Most of the candidates take up an interview to check on their own level, some look for a better salary package, and there are some who seeks to work on new technology from the company to gain their knowledge.
Why do candidates select & reject their offer letters?
It all depends on a recruiter too. How he/she handles the candidate & how they maintain their relationship with each other. Most of the candidates join a company for the word of the Recruiter, the trust they give a candidate to join the firm.
Some candidates join a firm for the brand name of the company for eg. TCS, CTS, Wipro, IBM, HP, HCL, Capgemini and more. For them, the salary won’t be a great deal for them.
Some take up the offer for the salary they’re paid. Say for eg. If a company offers 5 Lacs in a company and another company offers 6.5 Lacs – 7 Lacs, he/she will definitely go for a higher salary package. Because of their commitments and more.
Some candidates go for their career growth, to learn more about the new technology and to gain more knowledge & experience in the skills they work on. Also, this will give them the satisfaction that they have done their job without any problems.
Everything depends & changes according to the needs of the candidates.

Recruiters & Candidates

A Recruiter is something who needs to have a lot of patience to handle the candidates who they talk to or when they handle a candidate face to face for the interview. Similarly, the candidates should also have a lot of patience when they sit in an interview. I personally prefer not to make the candidates wait too long when they come for an interview or if they had to wait they are to give something to do to keep them active because waiting for too long could even make a person tired as well as they’ll start talking about the company saying they’re making them wait too long and lot more. I raised this up because I myself have faced this issue.
Let me tell you all a small incident which happened to me.
I was seeking for a job and finally, I got a call from a company and the interview was around 5.00 pm and still, I went for it though it was too far from where I stay. We have to go through a lot of procedures to get into an IT park to reach a company like all the candidates. So once I reached this company they asked me to register, took my resume and trust me I waited till 8.00 pm for a person to come and see me and take the interview which was totally for a different profile. They called me for a Recruiters opening and when I went there I was surprised they made me wait for so long and at the end of the interview when they tell us we don’t have any opening for the position they called but tells us there are different other skills. I had no other go but kept calm and told them please do let me know if there is an opportunity for Recruitment.
But later when the person who called me for the interview called me to check on me and all I said was please don’t waste your time and a candidate’s time. All that Recruiter had told me Sorry. Guess what it took me 10.30 pm for me to leave that company.
Why I said this incident was…
When a recruiter calls a candidate for the interview, the first thing they have to see is going through the profile twice if they have the required skills, if the profile amatches the requirement or suitable for the job, if there are openings for the profile you call for. That’ll save everyone’s precious time. If there was some other candidate for sure he/she would have created a scene there for making them wait and say your profile doesn’t match our requirements. This could also ruin the image of the company.
A recruiter a person who brands a company tells a candidate about the company’s wellness and makes the candidates come for the interview. You are like a Brand Ambassador for the company for the candidates to feel good about the company too. A recruiter is always the first contact for a candidate who talks about the company.
Then when the candidates complete their interview make sure to give them the feedback as soon as possible. Why because is they don’t have wait for long if they’re rejected. As a recruiter, you might think if the candidate might feel bad. But instead, you can tell them to take it in a positive way rather than directly saying as they got rejected in their interview. Try to motivate them so they can prepare well when they go to another company for an interview.
Also, I would like to tell the candidates that if you are taking up the opportunity with the company please do keep in touch with your recruiter once a week until you join the firm. If you are accepting another offer from another company please do inform the recruiter immediately that you’ll not be able to join them as you have got another offer with a better package, so the recruiter doesn’t have to wait till the end instead they can look for another person to fill the position.
This is something which I thought I should share it with everyone so there won’t be mistakes happening further. I believe this would have given you all a fair idea about the things to do and not.
Well have a great week ahead & as always I say stay safe & happy with your family.
Recruiter Rebecca

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