Power of our Emotions


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Every single minute, we humans live with Emotions. To be transparent without Emotions we do not exist. Take a minute and guess how many emotions we express in a day. It’s not that easy to list it down. To understand how we are using different emotions in our routine, a quick example is there.

Look down at your smartphone where we express our feelings through Emojis or Emoticons. But, sincerely we can accept that we do not know the exact name for all the emojis. Because we tend to use only a few. Way back, our ancestors have identified nine different expressions through Bharatanatyam called ‘Navarasa’.


Emotions are not meant only to Humans. Every creature in this world expresses their emotions in their own way. In fact, the same range of emotions is experienced by Animals too. Looks interesting Right??

If you are so keen to know about the emotions expressed by the Animals then give yourself a read on the book “Beyond Words”- How Animals Think and Feel.

Emotions were considered to be so powerful. But the proportion has to be so perfect. I  want to compare our emotions with Salt.

If it is high = it may change the taste of the food.

If it is low = We can’t enjoy the food, even the food looks Appealing.

Food = Life

Salt = Emotions

Add it’s right to enjoy the GOOD FOOD.

Emotions are so powerful. It is a non–verbal communication where we express what we feel inside and that represents through our behavior. Emotions are like flash short-lived. But the impression it leaves is like a Foot print-Long Lived. It is common for positive as well as a negative emotion. The differentiation comes how come we are taking it inside. Let me give you some insight to know the power of your own emotions and it plays a critical role in our life?

They influence us to make decisions: You can ask me HOW??

i) We usually make thousands of decisions in a day. Each and every small and the big decisions that we make, the root cause is our Emotions.

ii) It allows us to understand others-Emotions give us a clue to empathize with other feelings through Body language.

iii) It helps to build a strong &Healthy Relationship.

The above listed where only a few as there are lots of points to list down to obtain the power of our Emotions. Hmm if you stuck and trying really hard & Looking to convert your emotions into purposeful one, I have a solution for you. Let me introduce the Acronym “PARA”




A- Action

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Pause– Hold yourself for a moment and think which emotion is really harming yourself and others, introspect it.

Awareness – Thank you for identifying that.

Remedy – You may solve it by yourself or you can seek help to vent it out.

Action – It’s time to change and see the real you.

Emotions are the finest Language in the world-; Learn it, Acquire it, and Conquer it.


Independent Trainer