Know Why Go Digital!


Recently we got in touch with Ms Ankita S, Who is the Founder of Spell Bee Carnival and a Publicist. She was recently selected to represent Public relations and why being Online is important at the Women Entrepreneurship Summit. Along with her 100+ women from 18 countries participated in the same. As a professional, she has experience of handling PR and Social Media mandates of brands, individuals across PAN India as well worldwide which includes celebrities, musicians, fashion shows, beauty pageants, individuals and craftsmen, and social cause.

She is remarkable at curation and execution of brand-specific events, doing community-based activities, child safety, and development activities. Before practising as an individual consultant, she was working with the prestigious Fashion PR House wherein she individually executed a few high-level projects for their fashion clients

When asked why online PR or promoting brand or service via social media is important, she said, Marketing and promotion are important tools for any business or individual. Every tool has its own unique benefits that help to bring your business new opportunities and visibility.

However, this channel was misunderstood and neglected by many businesses and people so far. This pandemic situation has made everyone understand why it’s important?  People are recognising that Digital PR helps brands to create a presence and identity, both online and offline.

She explains why online as below?

1. A brand is visible to end-user even before they visit your store or get in touch with you
2. Online presence helps buyer or customer to have easier access to all products and service
3. Users can see others view and experience bout the brand
4. Online Articles create a presence in Search Engines
5. You can target the right audience and promote the product

We are wishing her all the best in her future ventures.

Yuvathi Team