How to get glowy skin in this scorchy summer!!!

This blog is going to help you set up your summer skin game way higher than last season!
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The scorching summer heat can be unforgiving to your skin. Pollution also plays a major role in taking away your natural skin glow, leaving it oily, blemished and dull. Read on the blog to know how you can keep your skin glow.
  • A change in your facewash from winter to summer
  • Water is the key to glowing skin
  • Invest in a good sunscreen
  • Eat healthily!
DIY Face packs to apply in summers!
We all know that summers can be a little difficult for our skin, with all the sweat and oiliness. But you need to moisturize your skin properly even in summers as you don’t want it to be dull and dry. Here are some summer changing beauty tips for you, we have come up with 3 best DIY summer face packs to try out
1. Papaya and banana face pack
Ripe papaya with green leaf
Papaya and banana both can work wonders for your skin, here’s how you can make a face pack out of it–
  • Mash some papaya and banana together
  • Add some honey to the mash
  • Mix it all
  • Apply the pack to your face and leave it till it dries
  • Wash it off with regular water
This pack helps in controlling the oil and gives a natural glow to your skin.
2. Fuller’s Earth face pack

Sefros Yellow Multani Mitti Powder, Pack Size: 100gm, For Face ...

Fuller’s Earth also known as Multanimitti is a major ingredient in almost all face packs. Fuller’s Earth tends to aggravate dry skin conditions, when added with rose water it makes your skin get the required moisture too.
  • Mix Fuller’s Earth and rose water
  • Apply to your face till it dries and then washes it off with regular water.
3. Honey, Yogurt and Rose Water face pack

Honey spoon on jar

Honey and yoghurt are both well known for their cooling effect on the skin, it helps to remove dryness and provides natural moisture to your skin.
  • Mix honey, yoghurt, and rose water together in equal quantities
  • Apply it on the face
  • Keep it up for 15 to 20 minutes
So, this summer season keeps your body hydrated, eat well and look out for your skin, and I  will keep you updated with all the summer latest fashion trends and beauty tips. Till then, eat your way to glowing skin.

Beauty tips by
Kalpana hiran (fashion and bridal makeup artist)
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