Importance of Communication in an interview

Hi all, I hope you all are doing good & safe. So this week I’m going to tell you about why communication is important & also how to attend the interview. 

Why is communication important?

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Communication is something that is very important when you attend the interview. Especially when an HR asks your about you, she/he actually checks how your communication skills are & this is where a candidate will be scrutinized. It’s because when a candidate is been selected & is placed in a project the employee should be able to handle the client from other countries. They should be able to understand & reply to them accordingly. They should be able to do presentations without fear, should be more confident about how they present themselves. Even within your team, an employee should be able to communicate & grasp things easily.
Please do check for the links below for reference. I hope this will give you an idea of how to communicate & how not to.
Introducing yourself in an interview
There are few tricks on how the HR asks
  • Walk me through your CV/Resume
  • Take me through your resume
  • Tell me about yourself/background
This is to check on your attitude towards the work if you are a good fit for the job.
There are few steps to follow which can be practiced for an interview. So I have shared the link below to help yourself.

Interview process

Business, job interview concept.

  • Discussion with the Recruiter
  • Group discussion with there many candidates to cut short the time and making them wait for long
  • Technical discussion with the panels (mostly it’ll be 1 round but depends on the requirements, it might be more than one round of interview)
  • Discussion with the Project manager
  • Some companies will have a separate assessment for Communication skills
  • HR discussion

Why Group discussion?

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Group discussion happens when the candidates are more in numbers. Group discussion is a place where the candidates have to speak on the given topics. This is where some candidates speak and some don’t. The reason why some don’t talk is because of lack of communication, shyness, lack of confidence when it comes to public speaking. There are candidates who speak with confidence even if they are wrong. This is where candidates are scrutinized and pushed for the next level of interview.
When you sit in the interview in front of the panel just relax, think, and answer them carefully & slowly for the interviewer to understand what you say & be loud, not in a low tone. Do not have the fear to give them an answer, that’s where you’ll tremble.

Why all this is been done in an interview?

Business situation, job interview concept. job seeker present resume to managers.Business situation, job interview concept. job seeker present resume to managers.Female person having a job interview with a male recruiter. Premium Photo

This is to see one’s attitude, confidence, and if you are the perfect fit for the team & Job. Sometimes overconfidence also makes a person think in a negative way. So it’s always good to be simple, neat n confident in how you show yourself.
Well, I guess I have given good information on how to prepare yourself for the interview. Practice makes a person perfect. Stand in front of the mirror and practice how to greet a person, how to talk, especially a simple smile can show a lot of things. Be confident about yourself that you can do things and you will.
Thanks for your time & I will come back on an interesting topic next week. Have a wonderful week ahead.
Recruiter Rebecca