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How to find the best tattoo artist in town?

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

You can avoid this danger after reading the below article which will educate you on what to expect from an experienced tattoo artist and equip you as a client to be prepared to get inked in the best way possible.

An experienced tattoo artist must:

* Be certified. Although we do not have strict laws for the tattoo industry in our country, it is best if your tattoo artist is certified. Certification gives the artist the extra edge and can easily gain clients’ trust.
* Work in a safe and hygienic studio. The tattoo artist must use one-time-use ink cups, gloves, and needles in a safe environment.
* Be approachable to clarify doubts regarding the tattoo process, be flexible to suggest, and customize designs as per client requirement.
* Practically knows what design works best according to skin tone, design complexity, and placement.
* Educate in detail about pre-preparation and tattoo aftercare.
* Make you feel comfortable for and during the tattoo session.

A Client must:

* Strictly stick to appointment timings. If not, keep the artist informed as the whole day might be booked with other appointments. Even a minimalistic tattoo takes at least half an hour to complete including paperwork, stencil application, tattooing, and aftercare.
* Be specific with design requirements. If not, explain your idea to the artist and get help for more efficient output. Do not have a general or vague requirement.
* Not have a fixed budget and approach tattoo artist. Don’t forward a screenshot of a tattoo and ask a quote. We will need exact measurements to quote the exact price. Each body structure is different. The size of the same area to be tattooed for two different clients will be completely different as one might be well built and the other skinny. I cannot insist enough on this. Instead, enquire how much your design costs and then go ahead accordingly. Or let the artist know your budget so that things can fall in place. Tattoos are usually charged according to size (in inches). Height and width to be considered.
* Give the artist the space they deserve. If you are not willing to give this space while the tattooist does the job, then don’t expect a great output. Trust is very important.
* Be aware of pre-preparation for your tattoo session which includes keeping your tummy full, not drinking alcohol at least 48 hours prior. Consult your artist before your session.
* Answer all questions regarding allergies, diabetic condition, etc. as elaborately as possible. The consultation form must be read completely and signed.

* Be a hundred percent sure on placement and tattoo design before getting inked. Once inked, don’t get influenced by friends’ and family’s opinions on the finished tattoo and oscillate your thoughts. The tattoo is for you and reflects your personality. Do remember that you are the one who carries it for life. Hence if you are happy with the tattoo, relax and enjoy it!
* Tell your artist any modifications in the tattoo design before starting to get inked or soon after the stencil is placed. Only limited or slight touch-ups can be done immediately once you get inked. Take your time, relax, and go through this process as the tattoo cannot be touched up within the next month.
* Listen to aftercare with utmost attention as a fresh tattoo is to be treated like a fresh wound with great care. Take your artist’s advice and strictly follow them for a proper healed awesome tattoo resulting after a few weeks.
* Review in detail /rate/follow the artist and their works. We, at Fihankra tattoos always look forward to your genuine feedback as we have always done our job right- be it customer service or tattooing.  Your reviews are a great encouragement for us and a milestone to keep us in check on the right track.

Let us know about tattoo aftercare-do’s and don’ts in the next article

Preethi Prabhuram
Femina featured tattoo artist
Owner, Fihankra tattoos, Alwarpet


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