Grooming for Interview

Hi all, hope all are safe and well.  So last week I wrote about how to present yourself in an interview. Also few of them have asked me to just let know how to dress up for interviews for both girls/ladies & boys/men. So this week I’m going to say more about how to dress up & how to groom yourselves for the interview.
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What to wear to a Job interview?
This is to make you look more professional when you go for an interview.
  • Wearing Formal trousers with a shirt tucked in for an interview would be appropriate.
  • Can also try to wear a blazer on if necessary, like when you go for an interview at the Airport, also if you are way more experienced and attending for a Manager role or Team Lead, or any higher posting.
Please do look into the video shared. Which could be useful too.
  • Saree for a teaching profession, to a manufacturing sector, also to an IT sector. It all depends on your experience too. But nowadays very few ladies prefer to wear saree for interviews. It makes you look more elegant and beautiful.
  • Girls/Ladies if you’re wearing a Salwar, should wear a decent color, most light ones, and not too dark. Dupatta’s to be pinned on the shoulders or wear it on one side to look decent.
Wear nice formal shoes or sandals which are comfortable to walk, it’s better to avoid tall heels or maybe can wear small heels.
Do’s and Don’ts
  • If you have long-nailed, apply nail polish but not red or any dark colors, but some light colors like peach, light pink, or skin color. If not cut your nails n shape them nicely on both hands & legs.
  • Wear simple earrings or a pair of pearl studs and not dangles or too many jewels.
  • Do not wear Jeans, T-shirt or any party wears for the interview.
  • Apply lite make-up and not dark lip shades like Red or glossy. Preferably try to wear a Matt finish.
  • Do smell good so apply some roll-on to avoid sweat n do apply some mild perfume.
  • When sitting in an interview do not sit with crossed legs. (Follow the link below for the postures to sit in an interview)
I hope this will be useful for you ladies.
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For Men pals
It’s going to be simpler for guys.
  • Wearing Formal trousers with a shirt tucked in for an interview would be appropriate.
  • Make sure it’s pressed/ironed when your going for an interview.
  • Wear proper formal shoes that are comfortable with clean socks so avoid the odor smell & unwanted irritations during the interview.
  • Wear only a Black or a Brown belt which matches your shoes.
I hope the below link will help you guys.
Do’s and Don’ts
  • Get a good haircut but not funky, also trim your beard & cut your nails.
  • Wear a mild perfume, not a strong one because you might not if the person taking the interview might have allergies.
  • Don’t wear Jeans & T-shirts/ casuals for the interview.
The below link helps you not to ruin yourself in the interview. First impressions are always the best.
The way you dress & groom yourselves makes your confidence level high & good too. Your appearance can reveal how you are and how you’ll be at the workplace too. 
Thank you all will come back with some interesting topics next week. Stay safe & practice yourselves for the interview. 
Take care and will be back soon yours
Recruiter Rebecca.