How To Take Care of your Beautiful Dusky Skin?

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In this post, we take you through the best colors and makeup tips for! accentuating dusky skin.
Dusky skin is slightly darker than wheatish skin but lighter than black-brown complexion. It is also referred to as “sun-kissed” or “tanned” skin.
Makeup Tips For Dusky Complexion
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A. Wear A Foundation That Matches Your Skin Tone
Avoid wearing a foundation lighter than your skin tone. This can make your skin look grey and patchy. The aim of wearing a foundation is to even out your skin and make it appear radiant and healthy.
(Swatch the foundation shade onto your jawline to get a better idea of what shade will match with your face.)
B. Concealer
Don’t ignore wearing a concealer. It will help you even out your face and hide blemishes and sun-spots. Choose a concealer that is a shade or two darker than your face shade.
C. Highlight Your Eyes
Dusky women usually have deep-black eyes and brows. Highlight your eyes. Play with shades like copper, gold, burgundy, and green. Dark metallic colors look great on dusky skin. Use eye-liners in shades of green and blue. If you like to experiment, you can also add a hint of white eyeliner to your eye makeup.
D. Blush
Contrast is key. Shades like coral, berry, and deep orange look great on dusky skin. Avoid using beige and browns. They can make your skin appear dull. Go for dark reds in the day and plum, wine, and bronze at night.
E. Lip Shade
Choose deep and dark lip colors, preferably in hues of reds and pinks. Shades like plum, maroon, burgundy and berry go well with the dusky complexion. Avoid bright colors like neons and oranges on your lips. If you like wearing nude shades, choose one that matches your skin tone. Too light a shade can make your face appear washed-out.
(Mattes and glossy lips go well with the dusky complexion.)
F. Highlighter
Warm, shimmery gold shades look great on dusky skin.
G. Fill-In Those Brows
Highlight those well-defined, black brows. Your eyes and brows can be the most attractive part of your face. Fill in your eyebrows with a suitable pencil that matches your brow shade.
H. Powder
Dusky-skinned Indians usually tend to have oily skin. Powder-up your face to prevent it from looking greasy. Choose a face powder similar to your skin shade.
What Color do Clothes Go Well With The Dusky Skin Tone?
White, black and red retro woman cocktail dress
Reds, Blacks, And Whites
Teal blue
Hot pink
This color looks great on dusky skin. It brightens up your look, along with adding some fun to it.
Now coming to making you more beautiful, there is nothing more than a great personality and a warm smile which can make anyone fall for you. So just feel beautiful from within and spread happiness.
Hair Colors For Dusky Skin Tones
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If you have dusky skin, you have a host of colors to experiment with! These colors have been much loved for the dusky skin complexion.
Deep Brown/Mahogany
Amber Or Deep Red
Chestnut Brown
A few other colors that may complement your dusky complexion are honey, chocolate and hints of blue or pink.
If you love experimenting with your hair and don’t mind making a few mistakes, go ahead with whichever color you wish to have. You can also go for a brown ombre look.
Tips by
Kalpana Hiran (bridal and fashion makeup artist)
For more queries dm my insta page @kalpanartistry