Presenting oneself in an Interview

Hey guys, I hope you are all are good and also I believe this is useful for you all.
So this week I’m going to talk about how to come for the interview and how to take it. I hope this will give you something to prepare for future interviews.
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How to present oneself for an interview?
The interview is something where the HR or the Manager looks at how you have come for the interview, more of your personality. Since I’ve got so much experience I’ve seen ppl come in with Casual attire that’s would be Jeans & T-shirt and casual shoes or slippers. Well, that’s totally not appropriate to go for an interview in the first place. You’ll have to wear a neatly pressed shirt & pants tucked in, belt & formal shoes. Your looks should be impressive & give a positive thought about yourself. Also, your hair neatly combed. There are times when I’ve sent the candidates back just because come for an interview so shabby. If you are coming from a far distance, just ask for a washroom and refresh, come for the interview. Your attire or say your appearance tells us how you are and how you’ll the right person the job too.
Process of interview
So usually the first level of discussion happens on the call with candidates by the Recruiter. Even if we call the candidates for a face to face interview, a recruiter is the first person to handle the candidate and shortlist them for the next level of the interview process. So here is where the recruiter makes sure if you are the right fit for the position to be filled in the required team.
How to present yourself in an interview.?
The first thing is to keep yourself relaxed and doesn’t feel the pressure within. Be presentable to the interviewer and active, give a simple smile, and greet them.
How to introduce yourself in an interview?
1. State your full name
2. State your qualifications
3. Talk about your work experience (if experienced)
4. If you are fresher talk about your experience in the project.
5. Talk about where you are from and where you live.
For example:
My name is Rebecca
I have done MBA in HR & Marketing from Hindustan University College
I worked as a Technical Recruiter at IBM for 2 years
I am from Bangalore and I live in Chennai with my family.
This link below could help to practice for the interview
Then you’ll be asked questions based on your skills and the projects you have worked on. Should be well prepared on the Basics in all the skills your working on.
Freshers should be well prepared on basics, especially it’ll more book-oriented.
It’s just that you have to be a little confident and strong about what you speak. This is where they check on your communication skills.
Why they check for you for communication skills?
This is to see how fluent you are and if you are confident enough to handle the clients since they’ll be from other countries. Also to check on how good you are in listening and answering them.
I hope these tips will be useful for you all.
Thank you & bye for now.
Recruiter Rebecca