Don’t get a tattoo before you read this!


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Tattooing is the most trending fashion in recent times. Be it your first tattoo or tenth, here are a few very important things you must keep in mind and look out for when and after getting inked.

The following tips will make your tattooing sessions more easier and effective for you and the artist.

Be sure of the design

Have a very clear idea about your tattoo design. Design options just click away with Google, Pinterest, and Instagram. Don’t ever walk into the studio and ask the artist for any random design as it is permanent.

We need to know your design requirements very clearly so that we can suggest, sketch, and customize a unique design for you.

Fix your appointment 

Tattoos cannot be done in 10mins! The total time involved varies with the kind of design you want. A complete session includes consultation, paperwork, stencil work or sketching, tattooing, and aftercare.

The artist may be booked the whole day or your design might not be able to get completed in one session. So it is mandatory-you fix, confirm and turn up on time for your appointment.

Know your artist

Do your research on the tattoo artist. As mentioned earlier, all information is available to anyone, anytime with a click. Know about the tattoo studios near you, get to know the artist, her/his works, and experience.

Fix an appointment, visit the studio for a consultation and get your concerns clarified. This way you get familiarised with the artist and space which will make you feel comfortable during the tattooing session.

Enquire about the studio’s procedure, safety, and hygiene measures followed there.

This is extremely important, as tattooing involves needles and is almost like mini surgery. (Don’t Panic!!)

Gloves, one-time-use needles, and inks are a few measures to be strictly followed.

Be informed about the pre preps for your session

There a few things dos and don’ts before you get tattooed. Be informed.

Give the artist her/his space

Once the design, placement is finalized, it is time to trust the artist 100%. the area to be tattooed is literally owned by the artist until the session is complete!

As you have done your research and rest ensured, give the artist her/his space to do his job. It is not easy to deliver 100% with someone watching you live constantly while doing your job! But we always give our best! Kindly do not have second thoughts or suggest or tweak or interfere with the design or tattooing process once it starts. Relax and divert yourself.

Take your headphones! 

If your tattoo session is going to take a few hours I suggest you be armed with your playlist and headphones! This will help you divert from the pain endured during longer sessions.

Some studios play your kind of music on request, others might not be able to.

Pay attention to aftercare

Aftercare is extremely important for any tattoo. It is a chapter by itself. Different aftercare works for different artists.

Tattooing involves wear and tear of the skin for which sufficient healing time and careful procedures have to be followed.

So listen to your artist very attentively and follow the procedures very strictly.

Worried about the pain while tattooing? Wait for my next article!!

Preethi Prabhuram 

Femina featured tattoo artist

Fihankratattoos, Alwarpet, Chennai

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