Dance or Yoga? Which is more effective?


Young woman in natarajasana pose, grey studio background

In life, fitness plays a vital role in everyone. How many of us exercise regularly? Do you know regular exercise gives good health and beauty for women?

Yes, we can skip our external beauty products for flawless skin!!!

Fitness may differ from one to one. Some women need perfect shape and body lines. Some women expect only good health and a relaxed mind. So it differs between everyone but healthy fitness is important for every woman to lead a disease-free life. Our body is just a device to carry our soul. Keeping our self-clean and clear is a must for cleanliness but not only to our outer body to be clean always, actually pure soul is very important for a happy and healthy life.


Young woman in padmasana pose, grey studio background

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word called “Yuj” and it means “Union”, connecting our mind and body together. It helps to strengthen our muscles and bones. Yoga consists of Asana (yoga poses) and Pranayam (breathing exercise). To attain spiritual growth we should focus on both asanas and Pranayam practice. Pranayam is a breathing practice in Yoga. If our prana level is high and constant then we will have a calm, smooth, and balanced mind. Pranayam helps to increase positivity, wide vision, and increased decision making quality. Meditation plays an
important role to bring focused and relaxed mind. Through mind meditation, we can travel into our bodies and also above the sky. Yoga gives us many great benefits like..

• increased flexibility.
• increased muscle strength and tone.
• improved respiration, energy, and vitality.
• maintaining a balanced metabolism.
• weight reduction.
• cardio and circulatory health.


Indian woman feel freedom and enjoying the nature

One of the oldest and great Indian classical dance forms. Bharatanatyam is originated from Tamil Nadu (India). The word Bharatanatyam defines Bha- Bhavam, Ra- Ragam, Ta-Talam. Dance is a visual treat but apart from this Bharatanatyam has a deep fitness program into it. The adavus (dance steps) are basics of Bharatanatyam. In most of the steps, we used to sit in a position called Aramandi (half-sitting).

Aramandi is an art, it helps to improve body balance the same as Viruksasana(Yoga pose).  A classical dancer’s mind and body should travel in the same path to deliver perfect geometrical dance steps along with Rasa (expressions) on the stage. Bharatanatyam helps to improve body balance, flexibility, concentration level, toned body, and fitness. Hence practicing Dance or Yoga gives us the same fitness result. Being a classical dancer and a yoga trainer I can able to feel the result every time. A woman should take part in any fitness program regularly for their happy and healthy life.

Smt. Vidyalakshmi Vidyanath

Image credit: freepik