The golden codes (Thanks & Sorry)


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Every one of us must have played a game or a sport at some point in life certainly, but have you ever thought what could be the most underrated game ever? It is “life” Yes, I exactly meant the one we are living now. As we all know life is a journey from birth till demise, getting up from bed, eating food, doing our routine Is that all??

Then how can we upgrade to the next level of the game! We have been brought up with social myths, sarcasm, dominance also with the threat of being a loser. But how would it be if we live our life without any of those demons  After all it is our game and we are the main player of it.

I’m recommending you all a couple of codes to enhance ourself which will help us to upgrade our way of living and design our game as per our wish.

Thank you! 

The Value Of A Well-Written Thank-You Note

What a beautiful word it is, which has the power to bring a smile on the other person’s face instantly. Are we using it right? Everything starts with the family. Are we thanking our parents, spouse, children for their selfless contribution? Let us quit taking things for granted, start acknowledging and appreciate others from today by saying Thank you for your help


Saying 'sorry' doesn't always make things better. Here's when it's ...

One underused code of the game. Life is so simple, let’s not make it complicated by overthinking it. So when a mistake is on our side lets say a sorry without any ego which is going to be an extra life for your game. Not everyone gets to use this code wisely. So lets practice from the family saying ” I’m sorry son I couldn’t get you the pen you asked for “

By practicing these codes, gradually you will start feeling ” The better version of you ” Competitive with you to become one. The world is going to criticize for everything you do, So voice your opinion louder than them.

Soon you will unleash the other superpowers like patience, wisdom, stability in the next level of your life game.

Stay safe!


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Super very innovative