“Why parents think that their child if facing any issues, the solution will be by fixing up the child?”

It was Sunday evening, in December.  Very pleasant evening.  I was in the garden along with my child.  I was seated near the play area, and my child was busy playing with other kids around. Then I just overheard two ladies, seated on the next bench, they were talking about their children.  The first lady seemed to be very frustrated and was also in tears and was cursing her life held with issues related to her child.  She was also having a younger child, aged around 1 and a half years old. She was saying it is so difficult to manage both kids, house chores, and other things all alone. The second lady was now telling about her problems.  She had issues of her child’s related to studies. How her child lacks concentration in studies and how often she has to face teachers in school.  Now her child has also lost interest in studies and avoids going to school as well.

Almost half an hour was passed. I was walking around the garden looking at my daughter playing, but still, my eyes were fixed on those two ladies. I now noticed the first lady was sobbing continuously and when her child approached her for water, she just yanked at him. Oh! What was it? I was thinking. Why this should be done to that innocent child who is not aware of what wrong has he done. Why is his mother behaving to him? Poor he, he left and joined his friends in play. Something struck me.  Now that is it. I need to talk to both ladies. They surely need some guidance and help.

I approached both ladies, where they were still sitting.  I gave them my brief introduction and informed them, that I was listening to their ordeal from the time they had begun. Initially, 2 ladies very startled and had queries on their faces. But after a while, they were convinced and had changed their facial expression.  I asked to share what issues and problems they were facing related to their children. Both started talking at the same time. I let them speak for a while.

After both had almost finished saying their heart out to me. The last lines both ladies said was, they want their kids to be fixed. What, fixed!! Are you kidding me?  I said to myself. Are the machines that need any kind of fixation.  No, my dear ladies they are very much humans and they need love, care, understanding, and support of their family. Then I started telling the possible causes of the changes in behavior in children.  There are so many different causes. It can be found only by observation.  The child, his surroundings, events happening in the family, time spent by parents with child. So, mothers should observe to find it out the actual cause.

Then I started to talk to another lady who had issues related to her child’s studies. I spoke to her about learning difficulties. It might not be severe but might need intervention.  As expected, she was not aware of anything like this. I told her in detail.  It is a kind of learning difficulties mainly noticed in school going children from the age of 6 years and above.  Difficulties in reading, writing, spelling, speaking, mathematics, comprehension, etc. To find one child is having they need to assess properly by trained professionals since most of the schoolteachers are not aware of it. It is nothing difficult, just needs proper counseling by trained people and parents can find the best ways to help their children. I told her about remedial classes held in the city. Who and where she can approach for help? The child and parents will be guided and helped in all possible ways.  And she can find changes in her child after following proper classes.

Both ladies seemed to be a little relaxed I also told them it’s not so expensive and classes will be conducted planned according to their child’s needs. We started dispersing and both ladies decided to do everything for their children, and I was also assured of it.

Written by.

Sejal Davey

Image credit: Freepik


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