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The job of a home-maker is very difficult and entails a lot of hard work, planning, and management skills. A woman who does this makes a house home. While every home-maker is unique in her way, there are some basic goals that each one strives to achieve: a happy home, a healthy home, and a financially smart home. Let’s look at five easy tricks that can make you a smarter home-maker.


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Unleash your creativity and find an alternative use for things you no longer use instead of just trashing them. Like for instance, rarely used glassware can be painted and artistically transformed into decorative pieces, Old clothes can be cut into smaller functional bits and used as cleaning material in the home, neat looking cardboard strips that we normally throw away can be crafted into beautiful coasters. This way you not only save some money but also use your time and mind more efficiently resulting in a happier you. Things that are in useable condition can also be resold in second-hand markets both online and off-line to generate some extra cash.


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Good health lies in your kitchen, not in the store. Globalization and economic development have resulted in over-reliance on readymade packaged stuff. Two-minute cooking seems like a style statement these days. But if homemakers choose to put their laziness aside and decide to start preparing at least some easy things at home, they can create a healthier family for themselves while also saving some money.


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No one does a bachelor’s or a Ph.D. in Home Management. It’s a skill that is a combination of inborn ability and on the job learning. To be a smarter one in this area, women should try to continually educate themselves about the different facets of managing a home efficiently such as how to prepare a balanced meal, how to organize things at home, growing and maintaining a kitchen garden, etc. Social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube offer ample opportunities for learning these and many other skills today.


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In the process of caring for their families, women often forget to care for themselves. Your health and happiness are equally important and shouldn’t be neglected. Take the time to think about yourself and reflect on what makes you feel happy and healthy. Go for a walk every day, exercise, listen to music, engage in hobbies or other things that give you happiness, meditate, and do whatever makes you feel good. This will help alleviate the stress that comes with managing a home and will make you feel good thereby resulting in a happier and healthier home.

Written By: Namrata Munoth

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