How important is the makeup??


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Hello ladies!!

I’m here to tell you how to make up almost anything in life while you do makeup! Sounds confusing? No worries. Every other day, how you feeling being a girl? Personally, I feel so proud and powerful. That does not mean I have never been through hardships in my life. I have been in situations, anyone would even hesitate to think off, but I have successfully battled everything and standing still.

Let’s see the process of grooming inside out!!

Primer: It is the essential makeup every girl should possess. Stop caring about the world yar, it is your life.  Be yourself. Find your originality. Dress the way you want. Speak your heart out. Be an optimist.

Foundation: Make self-talking a habit. Find your talent and improve it, invest in yourself. Make it a hobby to participate, even if there is zero chance of winning. Make use of every opportunity. You either win or learn at the end.

Compact: Make some good friends, leave the gender factor aside. Laugh the way you do. Never feel any lesser about yourself. Listen to opinions but the final decision should be yours.

Lipstick: Never forget to smile, while you face the hurdles. It is the most powerful weapon to conquer hearts. Be confident about who you are and make self-respect a priority. Speak it out.

Eyeliner: It’s ok to cry all night ladies! But when you wake up say to yourself, I will never cry for the same reason again.  Learn, grow, and move on.  Be compassionate enough.

Setting spray: The main procedure before stepping into the world, keep in thoughts that there is NO ONE going to come and take you to places you dream to!  No one. Pick yourself and run towards your dreams. At least take a step a day which counts a lot at the end.

Last but not the least, when we realize the one given life is just for us. Not to impress anyone. Not to get any feedback, comments about us from the world.  It’s given to you just to live as you wish.  So, my dear women make the most of it, every single minute. Be You. Do You. Take care.

Priyadharshini.G, Pollachi.